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NopRest doesn't display in plugins


I'm newbie in NopCommerce and i trying to apply your plugin.
I followed the guide below.
Install Plugin
1/Clone or download the source code
2/Add the plugin source code to your nopCommerce solution (.sln) file
3/Re-compile the solution file, run the website, and install the plugin
4/Configure an API Token in the plugin configuration page (you may use the "generate hash" button)
5/Make REST call to the corresponding ActionMethod in ApiController. 
I did step 1, 2 successfully then in step 3, I run website but I can't see your plugin to install.

Version infomation:
nopCommerce 3.50 .I downloaded from here
noprest_48bfb50e1f51 .I downloaded from here

Thanks you!


vicknightdl wrote May 28, 2015 at 9:22 AM

Oh. I solved this problem!

In noprest_48bfb50e1f51\description.txt
SupportedVersions: 3.40 so nopCommerce 3.50 refuse it when load plugin.

I changed it to 3.50 then it work fine!